by CânnâBîsh   Aug 15, 2021

Hey best friend..
I know you're feeling down
It takes less energy to smile though
So please take away that frown
You're absolutely beautiful
Here, let me fix your crown..

You're so damn amazing girl
Though I haven't met you yet
You've helped me through so much
How could I ever forget?
You've been my rock these past few years
You've become my new best friend
Anytime you're feeling blue
I'll be here til the end..

So tell me about your demons
What's going on in your head?
I want to help you feel alive
When you feel like you're dead
I just want you to remember
When you're sitting in the dark
& You feel like you are all alone
I can promise you you're not

I'll remind you of everything
That you don't think you are
Because I am so damn proud of you
You've already come this far
You've been to hell & back
More than you ever should have
It's time for you to be happy
Make some new memories
As you're living & laughing
You may not always think you are
But you are truly worthy
So don't you fret anymore my friend
You no longer have to worry

You are worthy of more than depression
More than all the stressing
You're more than your monsters
& What they are spreading
You're worthy of life
& More than all you're regretting

You're definitely a star
& You always will be
Because a friend like you
Is a true friend indeed


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