My King

by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.   Oct 15, 2017

You are my king.
My love.
My life.

Your eyes shine like
the jewels in your crown.

My love for you is endless..
As the days traveled by ships
& horse to deliver a simple message.

You are my king.
For you I always stand beside.
No matter the distance
No matter your pride.

I am bound to you forever.
Like the chains around prisoners
Of your displeasers.

You are my king.
Your touch as cold as an untouched sword.
Chilling, Addicting
Together, still fighting a war.

Making others disappear
Spreading hate in many.
While protecting your own
Like its your destiny

You are my king.
In a kingdom far away
Sitting at your throne
Missing your warm embrace

Many flee at the drop of your name
But I can see through you clearly
One look still takes my breathe away
I will always be happy being your queen


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