Private parts

by Yakari Gabriel   Oct 29, 2017

People are always so willing
to touch the private parts
quick to let their fingers curve their
way into them
quick to fondle, squeeze,
put them in their mouths
suck you straight into exhaustion

but pay attention, to those who
constantly seek to touch the public ones
beware of the person who kisses your
forehead, your fingertips,
that traces your spine when you're fully clothed, the one who casually holds your hand when they drive you home
who always makes eye-contact
who ask you for hugs
because that is the true danger
getting caught up that tenderness
without being certain,
if they mean it or not


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  • 11 months ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    I like this. There's a real truth to it and it's interesting that you seem more comfortable with the upfront physical satisfaction than with the potential tenderness that might come with it. Trust is a hard thing sometimes, but I have to believe that affection can be genuine
    Well written, observant and thought provoking :-)

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