Roasting with Love [dedicated to a good friend of mine]

by Alex Penuelas   Nov 8, 2017

Well since this comes
So conveniently,
I'll roast and say ten things
I like about you, you'll see.

First and foremost is
Your fashion attire,
Which to some may be repulsive,
But it is something I secretly admire

Secondly comes the way
In which you cut your hair,
Which to some makes you look like an acorn,
But I really don't care.

Thirdly I want to describe
About the efficiency of your memes,
Which I sometimes find stale,
But they often bring me.sweet dreams.

Fourthly let's talk about
Your facial complexion,
Which is something I would sometimes like to hit,
But at the same time it gives me an erection.

Fifthly let's discuss about
The jokes your present,
Which are often hilarious but
My jealous makes me resent.

Sixthly your personality
Is one that reminds me
Of a time when i was younger
And sat next to a fallen tree

And asked it,
How does it feel to be cut down?
To which it replied:
cuz trees don't talk you idiot.

I don't know where I was going with this,
But I did want to say that
You are the kind of guy any girl
Would want to kiss.

Now we have reached number seven,
Or was it eleven?
If I can remember I'll say
Oh thank heaven.

I confess,
That your friendship makes me
Feel blessed.

Ah yes,
This is great!
We are finally on
Number eight!

And i must get this right
Since my time is a little tight.

Since you mean
a lot to me,
You are the only one
To get this poem, you see.

Now let's talk about number nine,
Your smile is so divine,
And on to number ten,
I would do this all again.


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