Letter to my Younger Self

by Alex Penuelas   Jun 23, 2019

I know that you only cry in the safety of your bedroom, because you do not want the rest of your family to see that there are chinks in your unbreakable armor.

I know that you only talk about your personal life to a select few people, because you do not want the whole world to be liking and sharing and tweeting about it.

I know that you hide the pain behind your eyes by wearing glasses that tint in the sunlight, because you do not want people to know that you are afraid about the uncertainty of your future.

I know that you try your hardest not to think about your life, and you try to escape this thought by going to comedy shows, or going out with your friends, or by getting a couple of drinks by the beach, because you know that if you do sit down alone with your thoughts, you will feel depressed.

I know that you miss her, oh so very much, and you do not want to think about your Abuela, because you will immediately collapse onto the floor and bitterly weep.

But I want to tell you something:

1. It is alright to show weakness. It shows that you are human.

2. It is alright to open up to people. It shows that you trust them.

3. It is alright to express your concerns. It shows that you do not tolerate them.

4. It is alright to think about your life. It will help give you focus on where you are, and what you can do to be where you want to be.

5. It is alright to cry. It is through this pain that you will better appreciate the people that are in your life.

6. It. Will. Get. Better.


Your future self


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