Just A Thought

by Robert Daniel Long   Dec 25, 2017

I look back in the mirror
And I see you wave,
As I leave the driveway...headed out to start the day

As I drive
I reminisce about you
And how deeply I love you

You move me heart and soul

I can still feel your touch
In the midst of my day dream
And the warmth of your skin
Or the soft coo's you do when I touch you
As you sleep
Or the tender kisses you give me
"Just because"

Of all the dreams that could come true
All of mine did in you
And when I'm away
I can still remember the taste of those kisses
They are just so sweet......impossible to forget

I loved you then
I love you now
And through it all I love you more each day

I just wanted you to know
That dreams do come true
And I see that truth
Each time I look at you


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