The Intoxication Of Her Kiss:

by Scott Cole   Jan 25, 2018

I guess you can say I'm drawn to your same airspace
Cause your long slendering curves arouse my every desire,
And how your bubbling personality consumes my last breath
For everytime I stare deep into you brown eyes I'm transpired.

You always did find a way to uncoil my shy sheltered side
That man living within me that's unemotional and reserved.
For your very presence lifts my spirits like nothing else
That reason I get out of bed every morning stirred.

How I have loved the feeling of your firm lips plastered
Right up against mine until you kiss my worries gone,
Until every ounce of your love is coursing through my veins
And I dare not turn you lose until nighttime becomes dawn.

I can't help to think of how far the two of us have come
Those days of the past when I was so much younger,
Long before my Soul ever knew what real love was
And my carefree heart ever starved for such hunger.

It was the season of adventure the summer of eighty-five
I had just turned seventeen and had the World at my feet,
I was still in my prime and at the top of my game
Life was still good to me and I still had my sober heartbeat.

Then out of the blue yonder on a sweaty sultry day
I caught a glimpse of you from across the waterway,
You were unlike anything that I had ever laid my eyes upon
The most breathless creature to ever restrict my airways.

Over the next few weeks down at the swimming hole
You and me both became a little more acquainted,
Then on one smoldering day during the fourth of July
From our first kiss on the lips I nearly passed out and fainted.

And that's all that it took just a teeny weeny little taste
From your perfect round lips that were so refreshingly soft,
Then I was forever hooked and there would be no going back
For I just had to be around you no matter what the cost.

Well now it's thirty years later and I feel absolutely the same
I'm completely in love with the sound of your name,
The way it feels when it rolls off the edges of my tongue
Tickling my fancy and numbing my aches and pains.

So cheers to you my love and all of our trying times
To the one thing in my Life that I hold onto so dear,
Here's to you and me and everything we've been through
But I just wish you were a woman and not a beer.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 months ago

    by gumshuda

    Judging comment:

    You have a gift to flow a story with beautiful rhyming. And the twist in the ending was something I could never have seen coming. After the glorious revelation of the subject of your affair, I re-read everything and couldn't stop laughing. You got me (and many others) well. Every description, every image so perfectly thought of, it was a sweet mockery. Loved being made a fool. Haha. Your last lines fit in to make a perfect Jigsaw story. Beautifully done.

  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Haha, Scott! Hey, I am on the brink of shedding some tears! I felt this poem deeply but it turned out that you are in love with your drink, hehe. Nice job!

    • 1 year ago

      by Scott Cole

      Thanks it's just a poem though I don't

  • 1 year ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    You sure had me fooled until I got to reading the end
    This is funny and brilliant to me. Add to my favorite. All the best.

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