Fond Aspirations 2: (edited)

by Scott Cole   Jan 26, 2018

I came to you one rainy day morning
With intentions on cheering you up,
I was dressed in my finest attire
All groomed with a new hair cut.

With my nerves and stomach tense
And me myself on pins and needles,
I walked straight up to your doorbell
To relieve your heart of all it's evils.

I starred at you through the pane
That tiny window outside your door,
And when you crossed the threshold
Your lower jaw fell towards the floor.

With a big ole grin on your pink face
You reached to touch my sweaty hand,
And as you began walking me inside
I was so shaken I could barely stand.

You then invited me into your kitchen
Told me to make myself at home,
So I sit down in the seat by your skylight
At your coffee table next to the phone.

You glared into my calm prized eyes
And of course I peered back at you,
And we danced around your hallways
As I got lost inside your baby blues.

You caught your breath then whispered
Pretty little love words in my direction,
From those words and your smiling face
I knew then I had won your affection.

At that moment you were under my spell
In the trance of my pundit aromatic glee,
And that lure of my hypnotic sex appeal
Drew you in like an helpless bumblebee.

But your future does look a lot brighter
And soon I'll be time enough to gloat,
For affixed to my red rose bouquet
Is a signed I love you handwritten note.


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