by Alex Penuelas   Feb 27, 2018

Wash me away
With all of the rain,
Taking with me
All of your pain.

Consume me alongside
All of the ocean's waves that
Crash and create the
Beautiful landscapes of the beaches.
Transfer me through
All of the glorious rivers
That flow from your tears
And arrive down to the
Riverbed that is your heart.

Enrich me with all of the
Nutrients that you have accumulated
Throughout your life,
Educating me about every billabong,
Every tributary, and every ebb and flow
Of the waves of emotions that you
Present to me whenever we
Sit together at the coffee shop, and your hands jitter
As you drink your tea
And then you tell me that
There is more to your seas
Than I can ever see.

Immerse me in your great waters.
Allow for me to explore you.
Trust me, I'll be as fluid as
The transfer of energy from
My lips to yours.


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