by Owner of an Untamed Heart   Apr 21, 2018

You speak the words, but where is the action?
You touch me all over, but there's no passion.
I wonder where you are when our lips collide...
Once where there was love, there's nothing but ice.

It happened last year--
I remember fearing the worst.
You didn't acknowledge my presence
And you didn't apologize for the hurt.
You left me in the corner,
And abruptly threw me on the shelf.
Once a lover, now a stranger--
I could tell you weren't yourself...

You weren't who you said you were...
You weren't where you say you'd be...
Diamond rings and fancy furs--
All those gifts don't mean anything.
You were running around with all those girls,
And making a fool of me...
And what makes this worse is I've given
Everything with nothing in return

Now it's as plain as the receipts I found in your pockets
And it's right here in black and white: the bill from the motel
It's around her neck: a gold chain with your matching locket
The problem with the truth is... I don't know what to do with it.


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