The Green Dress

by ImTheGirl   May 8, 2018

The green dress hangs in my closet
Never to be worn again
It used to be one of my favorites
But that was way back then

Now when I see it, it brings sadness
And I can’t shake that unbearable pain
My heart swells as I try to breathe
The gray clouds swell heavy with rain

The black lace that covers the front
Will never again touch my skin
It symbolizes the pain and death
That I am tired of holding within

And the pink rim around the neck
I could never find shoes for that
Looking back now it seems unimportant
Almost stupid as a matter of fact

I wore that dress to your graduation
The first and last one you ever had
To some it might sound silly
But for me, it makes me sad

When I see that dress, it reminds me of you
That day and the life you never got to live
Time doesn’t help it make any sense
Anything I have, I would surely give

To see you grow up and become that man
That our parents had raised you to be
To hear another one of your pointless stories
Now all I have are memories

The green dress is one of those memories now
And even though it won’t be worn again
It helps me to remember one of the last memories we shared
And the day I lost my friend.


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  • 10 months ago

    by Brise

    This is a very touching poem, very well written, your description of your sadness is matched by the description of the dress.