One Last Note

by Brittany Ottmo   Sep 13, 2018

July 21, 2017

Here we go again
Here comes the pain
The stress is killing me
Maybe I'll hit a vein.

I thought I was over this
No more did I say
But with times like this
How do I look the other way.

I have so much pain
Hidden deep inside
The buildup is overflowing
This time I can not hide.

It started with a scratch
Then harder each time
Is it wrong for me to say
I felt better with every line.

The red marks are showing
The blood is spilling out
When do I stop
When can I shout.

How can I stop this emotional pain
When the physical pain feels so good
Do I even remember how I quit
How did I get so misunderstood.

Tell me this is not the end
Tell me I can come back from this
Maybe I should leave now
It’s not like I will be missed.

Every place I go
I screw up everything
I am never good enough
And happiness I cannot bring.

So here I go using my blood
With one last note to write
“I’m sorry” is all I could get
Let this pain end here tonight.


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