Mommy where are you?

by candy   Oct 27, 2004

Mommy where are you?
please come home
why is daddy so sad?
is it cus hes alone?

mommy we miss you
why did you leave?
we want you back
don't you believe?

mommy at night
i hear daddy cry
then i go in his room
and ask him why

he says cus you left
and he misses you
and without you by him
he doesn't know what to do

mommy I'm sorry
for whatever i did
i try my best
to be a good kid

I'm sorry i was born
but it wasn't my choice
and now i would die
to hear your voice

i don't understand
why you left us here
daddy says you didn't want to
and that i should hold you near

he told me it wasnt your fault
that you were taken against your will
by a very evil man
who likes to kill

he said you fought hard
to stay here on earth
but no matter what you tried
it didn't work

this man killed you slowly
hurt you more each day
until daddy cried
and told me you'd gone away

he didn't tell me where you went
thats why i write this note
cus maybe someone else will find you
and know where its supposed to go

this will be my third letter
why don't you ever reply?
mommy don't you love us?
do you like to watch us cry?

mommy i still love you
and i know daddy does too
and even if don't write back
i wont give up on you

I'll write a letter every week
and ask daddy why you died
ill stay confused when the mailman
sees my letter and starts to cry

i ask him where to send it
when its a new week and i write again
I'm not sure what the numbers are
but i know it ends with heaven

i decided to ask daddy
the name of the evil man
he didn't want to say anything
but i said "please tell me if you can"

finally he decided
that it was time to answer
with sadness in his eyes
he said the mans name is cancer

Even though I'm only 5
i went to the police
"a man named cancer killed my mommy
can you help me find him please?"

"i want to look at him
and stare into his eyes
i want him to know my pain
and know that daddy still cries"

a nice lady said they cant find him
that they've tried many times
so i said id ask you in my letter
and that if they couldn't, that was fine

so mommy where is he?
please tell me, so i can say
"mister, i forgive you
for taking my mommy away"

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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by fakesmile

    Da best poem i have ever read!

  • Wow, do you know how to make a girl cry, im not usualluy the kind of girl to cry. but great job id like to read some more of your poems. cause tehy are amazing

  • 13 years ago

    by M

    Great poem, and i loved how you made it in the point of view of a 5 year old

  • 13 years ago

    by suzanne

    that poem was excellent.
    as all your poems do, it brought tears to my eyes.

  • 13 years ago

    by Alyx sad.