Falling Quickly Into Love

by ashley   Jan 8, 2005

I’ve never felt this close to anyone,
these feelings are getting to me,
I’m falling in love with someone,
how can this already be?

Adorable and outgoing,
at the age of eighteen,
With many hidden qualities,
that I still haven’t seen…

Sparkling with mischief,
as blue as the daytime skies,
A piece of heaven was taken,
and placed into his eyes…

I get lost in his laughter,
I get caught staring deep into his eyes,
Forgetting all the troubles of my past,
the deceit, hurt feelings, and lies…

A warm embracing hug,
sinking gently into his arms extended wide,
Nobody can make me feel the way I do,
when I’m standing by his side…

One innocent yet playful kiss,
could last me forever and a day,
Could make me forget everything around me,
as time quickly passes away…

I love the way he whispers to my neck,
sending a chill from my head to my toes,
Then hearing him ask, “What’s wrong?”
and laughing to himself because he knows…

Out of all the people that I know,
he’s the one that can make me smile,
The way he looks at me and starts to grin,
makes it hard to keep a serious face for awhile…

I feel a sense of connection,
as I look deep into his eyes,
Which makes me search my true feelings,
to realize I can’t hide what my heart denies…

My heart has been closed for awhile,
but the doors crack when he’s around,
They scream for me to open them,
they long painfully to be found…

My heart doesn’t want to love yet,
I’ve been hurt time and time again,
It could cause a lot of pain,
if I opened and let him in…

I’m falling in love,
I hope I don’t fall too hard too fast,
Because this relationship is something,
I truly want to last…

So many memories,
he’s already given to me,
So many memories left,
for me to have, to hold, to see…

As my like turns to love,
in the shortest time ever,
I realize I want to be with him,
so much more than forever…

I know how I feel,
I hope he feels the way I do,
And maybe someday he’ll be able to say,
“I’m falling in love with you too…”


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by shenoa

    one word... AMAZING.. i love this poem, a definate 5... wow, great job... wow... i cant relate so easily... wow...

  • 13 years ago

    by nickie

    WOW this was an awesome poem...it brought a tear to my eye...this was oen of the best poems I've ever read...I hope everything works out for you and "Him"...I deffinetly give this poem a *5* keep up the good work babe...I loved it!


  • 13 years ago

    by Alex D

    thats really good.. keep it up