by ashley   Apr 19, 2005

I just wrote this poem and I would really like to know what anybody thinks about it. I haven't written in a while and this isn't one of my best, but please let me know what you think. I appreciate it. Thank you. Ashley

The reason I’m sad,
The reason I cry,
Is one simple word,
People call it goodbye…

It kills me inside,
Each time I say goodbye,
Each night I fall asleep,
But not until after I cry…

Every time I see your face,
I smile and my whole day is better,
But this feeling never lasts,
As I wish it would forever…

My time that I spend with you,
Is shorter than I desire it to be,
Sometimes I don’t think you feel my pain,
How much saying goodbye hurts to me…

Three steps away from you,
And I’m already crying,
Broken hearted from goodbyes,
Inside I feel like I’m dying

I choke on my tears,
I try to hide them from you,
I put on my best smile and wave,
Not knowing what else to do…

I hurt myself accidentally in a way,
The pain hurts so much more,
By watching you drive away,
While I stand there helpless at the door…

Wishing I could have one last kiss,
Before you leave my side,
Wishing I could forever hide,
The pain that lingers deep inside…

Tears burn my cheeks,
I can no longer keep them in,
My tears flow out steadily,
Coming out from deep within…

These tears are my release,
From the shallow hurt of goodbye,
That feeds upon the love I have for you,
On which I so deeply rely…

The messages etched in my eyes,
Are of misery and pain,
Wondering how many times,
I’ll have to say goodbye again…

Each time we say I love you,
It reaches and tears at my heart,
Because the next thing coming is goodbye,
And then the agony of being apart…

When will the day come,
When I won’t have to say goodbye,
When will the night come,
When at last I will not cry…

Because I’m in your arms,
And you won’t let me go,
How much this day means to me,
You will never fully know…

The word goodbye,
Will be gone forever,
Will I ever speak or hear this word again,
My answer I pray is never…


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  • 3 years ago

    by chrissy carter

    Goodbye is a hurt only some will know as hurtful. The way you describe it is amazing. Good job.