by ashley   May 24, 2005

Sometimes I wish I could go back,
And go through part of the past again,
To take back some of the things I did,
Or some of the words I said back then…

Never was I unfaithful,
But my actions weren’t always kind,
And some of the words I spoke to you,
Play over and over in my mind…

Every time I hurt you,
I feel so dead inside,
Wishing I could take it back,
Wishing I could run and hide…

You mean the world to me,
And inside I’m torn apart,
For every time I hurt you,
And breaking a piece of your heart…

For every tear you cried,
I replaced it with two,
Wondering how I could hurt someone,
Who I love as much as you…

Whether from words or actions,
I never meant to hurt you,
Sometimes I don’t understand,
The things I say or do…

I can tell you when you’re upset,
Just by the way you reply,
Sometimes I don’t think before I speak,
I’m sorry I don’t know why…

You’re different from other people,
So some things hurt you that I forget,
And all the things I did or words I said,
I want you to know I truly regret…

I love you with my whole heart,
Always and forever,
And I want you to know,
Hurting you wasn’t my idea ever…


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