You’d Always Be There

by ashley   Jan 10, 2005

This life is so crazy,
I don’t know how to live,
I can’t take any more in,
And I have nothing left to give…

You were always there for me,
But I can’t figure out why,
It had just never occurred to me,
That you could be that kind of guy…

You started to catch my eye,
And I started to care for you,
I just kept getting drawn in closer,
I didn’t know what to do…

For all the lies you told me,
I don’t know how I could like you the way I do,
Don’t ask me how it’s possible,
Because I don’t have a clue…

There are so many times you hurt me,
Sometimes you didn’t know,
Would it be different if I had told you,
Or if I had let my feelings show?

I watched you go through good times,
I watched you go through the bad,
Until one day I decided,
I’d had all that I could have…

I watched you get hurt,
And go through times of pain,
It hurt me just to watch you,
It made me go insane…

But I realized I could never lose you,
That you would always be there,
Even if you weren’t with me,
I knew you’d always care…

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