Inanimate Me.

by Unseen Exposure   Aug 12, 2005

I am entangled in these thoughts of forever
Knowing blindly how controlling they seemed at the time
Raping my mind so brutally with your words
The feeling of worthlessness.

You preach
And I listen
If not with my ears, then by God, with my heart
Though I do not hear your words
Just the emotion of anger flooding your veins.

I've lived in hate recumbently
Comforted in knowing it would keep the distance growing
Seemingly off in a further distance however;
Remained Love
I cannot tenure the everlasting.

You weaved pain between the incisions on my skin
Pretending to sew them shut
But rather watched them as they burst
You malleated me and left me for dead.

I turned back around
Greeting your mouth full of words
With my empty soul
Betrayed by your trust and ongoing enmity
But breathing was routine.

You broke away
Preoccupied by your obliviousness to tend to this
I became the inanimate object
That you could abuse at your leisure.

I used to be strong
But time solidified me at your becoming
Ripping away my audacious self-image
And fed me to the night.

So alone I sit in waiting
Fear of what I do not know rings clear
As the pain manipulates it's way into my physique
As I fall.

Time dug this wound
And instilled it beneath my skin
Though the ill fortune is;
I loved you.


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  • 12 years ago

    by Johnny Marlin 2

    Amazing, I have gone to long without talking to you, I hope you are o.k. I worry sometimes. You poem was amazing written, and as always you very powerful, take care.