by Jennifer   Aug 21, 2005

I think I'm in love with being in love,
not really sure what to think,
i think I'm falling for two different guys,
am i hiding the truth behind my eyes?,
Don't know whats right or wrong,
if they knew my problems,
would they be gone?,
do they really feel the way they say?,
or are these feelings a brief display?,
if they really are true,
then who should i choose?,
my hearts not speaking,
i don't think its even beating,
is this how I'm meant to exist,
if not then what is this?,
why am i plagued with pain and grief?,
maybe the good was taken by that thief,
the one who promised he'd be there forever,
then lied and cheated, how very clever,
the one who said he loved me truly,
but his vision of love must've been blurry,
i think he scarred this little heart,
not sure if love is something to start,
want to forget how terrible it hurt,
but in my life, that was the worst,
my hearts too broken to work again,
I'm sorry if that hurts u my dear friends,
i cannot love u, though I've tried,
but the truth of my pain in u i confide......

*** not really done but i couldn't think of much more to say....***


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