Calmly Chaotic Disaster

by Ashes of a Black Rose aka Night Child   Aug 22, 2005

Dripping, draining, slowly out,
I do not cry, I do not shout.
I watch in rage as it trickles away;
You are the reason I feel this pain
Its all your fault, you filthy liar!
Because of you, I drown in fire,
The pain you caused, the breath you took,
Didn’t even take the time to look.
You are the reason my heart\'s scars,
As you give to her what once was ours.
How could I have been so willingly deceived?
Add pain to pain and I’m relieved.
Physical cancels emotional out,
Whether you loved me, I’m still in doubt.
In agonizing fury I silently cry
My heart is slowly bleeding dry
As I lay dying all friendless and alone,
I feel darkness creep into my bones.
Completely consumed,
Overwhelmingly doomed,
I just wish that I could show you
All of the horror you forced me to do.
You ruined my life and blew off my love,
You murdered the innocence and gave me a shove:
A push into darkness, to salvation, I hope,
In only deeper, I struggle to cope.
Once again stuck in this horrid lost life,
The idea arises at the sight of the knife.
I did not tremble, I did not shake,
I did not even hesitate.
One more time and once again,
A silver blade sliced pale skin,
Then the heart you shattered as you lied,
Of the girl you left whom slowly died.
I do not shout, I do not cry,
Drowning sweetly in your lie.

**he said he loved me just last night,
then he dumped me, filthy lies...**


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  • 11 years ago

    by Eli

    If you could also read my newest piece, "To good to be true"

    Tell me what you think!

  • 11 years ago

    by Eli

    The harshnesses of life. Things get better, everything happens for a reason. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. You should be the strongest girl in the world. Keep it up. Beautiful work.

  • 11 years ago

    by brit

    I really really liked this did a really good job on it...cant wait to read the rest.........oh and if you want, msg or email me sometime funky_munky062000 email is

  • I Loved How You Used Metaphorical Statments To Create Creative Imagery...I Liked It 5/5
    I Voted On More Than One Of Your Love Poems But My Computer Wouldn't Let Me Comment...Their Were All Worth The 5.0s

  • 12 years ago

    by Tamra

    Amazing. I absolutly love this. Wonderfully written.

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