Loving you!

by Ali   Sep 26, 2005

Oh Baby how I can forget all the love we made
Now I look at it, why it has all gone fade

Oh together we were in such bliss
Never can I forget each and every kiss

Oh my life with you was so gleam
And now all I do is just dream

Oh how I remember each & every step of our dance
Without you I feel that I am always in a trance

Oh the way you used to touch
And how I miss it ever so much

Oh yes you\'re my true love
Amongst all over and above

Oh I still remember every word you said
And now I cry every night when I go to bed

Oh I want to be with you forever & ever
Because I don\'t know the meaning of the word \'never\'

Oh you\'re more to me than just a desire
I love you and not just admire

Tell me are you mine or not baby
And no don\'t ever say maybe

I know you love me from ever so before
But I also love you even more n more

Oh please don\'t let this all fall apart
Come close and listen to my heart


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