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Writing a love poem is like writing your heart on paper.

So whatever i write here, it'll be from the bottom of my heart!

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  • Country : Pakistan
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Latest Poems By Ali

  • I sometimes wonder what if I hadn’t found you
    I would have been lost and no one would knew...

  • Life seems to be going so fast,
    Time it seems doesn't seem to last...

  • The moments with you & the memories made,
    Its something in my heart that can never fade...

  • The Promises will soon be fulfilled,
    My Love in you is more & more instilled...

  • As night fell upon us & we looked at each...
    I wanted you madly and looked no further...

Latest Quotes By Ali

  • Love is like a clump of gold, Hard to get and hard to hold. Of all the girls I've ever met, your the one I can't forget, I do beleive that God above created you for me to love, He chose you from all the rest, because He knew I would love you the best!

    15 years ago
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  • It's not being in love that makes me happy, its being in love with you that makes me happy.

    15 years ago
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  • I hope that one day you'll come to realize, how perfect you are when seen through my eyes.

    15 years ago
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