I found her

by The Poet Behind The Poems   Oct 3, 2005

When I first saw you my heart was scared
Those sparkly blue eyes and gorgeous blonde hair
The only reason we met was because of a dare
When my mate came over and singed your hair
After that I never saw you again
I dont know how I felt then its hard to explain
I met this other girl we got kind of close you see
Well she did more when she said she loved me
I told her I hated her, these words she couldnt take
When I said that her heart started to brake
I didnt mean it you see it was a big mistake
Tears came down her face and she ran away
But I soon caught her I wanted her to stay
I told her the truth that I didnt hate her
Now I didnt no what I felt it was all a blur
I always liked the way she looked just some of the stuff she did
I didnt like them at all but she soon got rid
Then one day we were talking and she told me some things
That she cant get away from and the tears it brings
When she told me that she touch my heart
I lost one girl this one ill never part
Then you knocked on my door one faithful day
You said you had to go later but I wanted you to stay
We both decided to stay at mine I didnt no if it was right
But if love was going to happen it would happen that night
On that night we shared a passionate kiss
I new if I didnt have you all of that I would miss
The next time I saw you I new what to do I have to admit now I love you two
Then when we were Talking I realized I new the love that I lost I found her it was you.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Lizza Tiedemann

    Reaalli like this one man...
    you told the truth....and thats cool you have found your mestirious gurl:)

  • 12 years ago

    by LuVlYlUfFlY

    Very nice poem could be soul mates it was lovely 5/5

  • 12 years ago

    by Just Another Chemical Romance

    That is sooo nice you are such a kind person who deserves the best and by the sounds of it youve had it rough so i hope you will be ok and the person you love isnt far away oxox

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