by deadnalone   Oct 31, 2005

Wasn't sure where to put this one, my friend suggested this category.


I want to loose myself,
Loose myself to anywhere but here, any place I could just fade into the black like I was never even there, like no one ever cared,
Lost, alone, cold to the touch, blood flaming in my veins, tears frozen upon my heart,
Tears weaving their jealousy and fury through my mind like I'm caught in a storm,
I can see nowhere ahead, and nowhere back,

I want to die in your arms,
Enclosed in the warmth of your love or your smell or the kind words you speak to me,
I want to close myself, so you cannot see the tears spilt from my eyes, cold cascading tears thundering through my heart, so innocent and gentle on the surface but laced with fire and fear within,

I want to unmask a life,
Unmask myself and the life that I live in my mind, the life that no one knows of and no ones cares to understand, Lift the shroud from the eyes of innocent passers by, people whose minds are clouded and cannot see past the fragile yet tough existence that they live, those who cannot see deeper into themselves and into what they feel inside,

I want to live,
Live in a world where no one holds back their emotions, poetry can run from the mind freely like blood from a heart of passion, a heart of language, a heart of feelings,
Live in a world where empathy is key, where you understand yourself and others around you in a way we do not yet know how,
Live in a place where I can run free and hide, all the same time, to let myself be how I want to be,

Why do I want this? Why do I want to feel my emotions course through my veins and flow into words like a waterfall cascading into a stream, a calm, flowing stream? Why do you feel the need to hide yourself? Why do you feel the need for a logical explanation? Why do you need a reason to apologize? Why do you need to know why I cry? Why do you need a reason? Why must everything make sense? It makes me wonder how, how with all your explanations you think you can find passion and love, Love explained? I couldn't, love is passion and love is free, it is special and not bound by any logical explanation you can bind it with, the definition of love doesn't truly exist for it is more powerful than we could ever fully understand.

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  • 12 years ago

    by Amanda

    Long but very beautiful

  • 13 years ago

    by Toni

    Beautiful. Captivating. Fluent. Effective. Brilliantly worded. Unique. Enchanting. Flawless imagery. Perfect.


    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love youp

  • 13 years ago

    by ShadowDancer

    Wonderful!!! the style can be a bit cluttered, but that works well with the words you have used. its great! good work!! *votes 5*


  • 13 years ago

    by the middle

    I like the language you used, but in general it could maybe use a little more structure... but like you said, it's a new style for you, so considering... great work!!
    take care, xoxoxo

    (ps... if u get a chance, could you take a look at my poems? thanks :) )