I'Ll MiSs YoU (CoNTiNuEd)

by ღPrEciiOuz~KiiZeZღ   Feb 3, 2006

I know that this is the last time
this is the last good bye
i promise to try to forget about you
and I'll try not to cry

but its hard to forget
when we have so much to look back to
I'm never going to forget
that my heart away you threw

i wish i can try again
but you have to understand my heart won't let me
we both played too many games
that just one of the reasons we can't be

I'll miss you
and you'll always be on my mind
but all the tears and heartbreaks
i have to try to put behind

you were part of my past
even till this present day
but in the future you will not appear
since i choose to walk away

I'll miss your hugs
and your kisses too
but some things will never change
I'll forever love you

I'll miss you when its raining
because i know that you won't be there
I'll miss those lonely nights
because i know you won't wipe away my tears

but you know
everything happens for a reason and i don't know why
every time i see you walking next to me
it makes me want to cry

i should be happy that i had you at least
but that doesn't feel like enough
I'll miss it when around me
you would act all tough

you were my everything
i promise to never forget you
or all the hard times
that we went through

now you know that you always have somebody here for you
i have to try to be strong
even though i know that
in your arms is where i belong

*this poem is for Miguel...i don't know...i just can't say nothing that i want so i just write poems to express my feelings....tell me what u guys think*


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  • 12 years ago

    by Rican Chemistry

    Hey Preciosa... Mami this was really heartfelt. I wish i can wrap up happiness for you and give it to you as a gift, cus mami, I really want u to b happy. I cant believe all the shi= u have gone through, and I only wish I was hter to help u out. The poem was really good. I liked it. I know you will miss him, but u will be okay. I promise. Remember Flaka and I always got ur back. Always here for you. We love u mamiiz. I hope u doing better. Long time we dont talk. I hope you got my messages. Ur makin me wanna write a poem to bout u...lolz Aiight boo, I dont wanna bore u, I just wanted to let u kno u still have me as a friend. Take care please. And keep ur head held high and dont let them see the tears you cry, act like u wouldnt give a shi+ if they told u he was about to die...see poetry already...lolz. Ok te quiero, cuidate...

    xoxoxo Hugz+Kizzez xoxoxo



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