by ღPrEciiOuz~KiiZeZღ   Feb 18, 2006

First off i want to say thanks
for understanding and loving me
i tried to open your eyes
but you just couldn't see

i want to say good-bye
together we can't be anymore
you used to be the only one
you used to be the one i adore

but things change
and people do too
its time 4 me to move on
to someone new

maybe I'll be happier
without you by my side
but minute by minute
my love 4 u has died

good bye to us
and good bye to all the hurt
its time to mind my own business
while i have to see you with other girls flirt

but its all OK
and I'll show u that you weren't the only one
in the end with a simple smile
my heart he has won

it isn't about you and me
its about Chris and me
its good that you moved on
and he is the only one i see

*this poem is saying bye to miguel and hello to someone else*


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  • 12 years ago

    by Rican Chemistry

    Ok nena I was waiting and waiting for another poem... finally is here, and ma this was hot... I loved it!! And I am glad ur happy... but dont u think ur moving a little fast, who IS this Chris? lolz But then again is ur heart, and as long as is not broken I am happy for you!!!! I miss you and ofcourse u know imma give u a 5 riight? lolz Well liike our giirl Flaka says, Think b4 u act, but she also says no one really does that, lol and she riight!!!! So we just here for u mamii good and bad... I am glad u forgetting bout Miguel though. Hey wassup though u gonna check out MY poems? Jeez wat does a girl have to do around here? lol Yo I dunno why I am writting so much, maybe cus I miss youuuuuuu!!!!!!

    OK Imma let you go now, but remember, I loveeeee youuuu and miiiissss yoooouuuu!!!!!!

    Ok thats it lol,



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