The Red Death

by Syn   Mar 3, 2006

"The Red Death" stalks this land,
Many know it, Many could,
Walk with your bible in hand,
Let God's word speak the way it should.

Slowly overcoming the un-innocent,
Burning those who are not true,
The ones who refuse to repent,
Right for God is what they wont do.

If you find yourself with a loss of breath
With a loss of words for the lord,
Coming for you is "The Red Death",
Closing off heavens door.

"The Red Death" is hell,
Running your life with sin,
And if innocence is what you sell,
Then it's eating you from within.



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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by becca

    Another awesome write! i love this so much. it is so deep and meaningful and true. you are a great poet! xXx

  • 12 years ago

    by loretta Taylor

    Very profound, excellent. 5/5 loretta

  • 12 years ago

    by Samantha Hollywood

    David --
    Overall, I think you did a pretty good job on this. There are a few flaws, though. I really wasn`t feeling the flow ;; it seemed to fluctuate a bit, and it just wasn`t steady. I think the rhyming, on the other hand, was great. You did a good job, 4/5.
    Thanks so much for commenting on my new poem! It was much appreciated ;; thanks!!

    Love Much,
    Samantha Hollywood

  • 12 years ago

    by Lenny

    That was.....fricken awesome? I think so. Its a wonderful concept and the poem is configured so well around it. It seems to explain itself, and I think that the explanation at the end while not completely neccessary also wound the poem to end perfectly. Great job, what more can I say?

  • 12 years ago

    by LettersFromEnnis

    I really like this. It gives a clear message withought any complexity. Great work!