Two for one

by ..eliSa*   Mar 14, 2006

In the dark I can hear your tears,
In your presence I can smell your fears.
Pressure builds upon your chest,
As you wonder when your misery will rest.
One day you'll make it by,
But in the meantime, I'm by your side.
No more miserable days will you be forced to face alone.
I refuse to let you struggle on your own.
Each tear that streams from your eyes
Drips from my heart two times the size.
Two hearts share one pain
With determination and happiness to gain.
Forever and beyond when these dark days are done,
I vow to you we will strive together as one.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Andrea

    I love it...good work!

  • 12 years ago

    by Anton

    The song is by a christian influnced band called seventh day slumber. You can download the lyrics or listen to on thier site at click Enter than click on Highbandwith. and listen to caroline its in the right hand corner.
    PS. dont let the christian part put u off thier songs are like ur poems they sing from a christian perspective not just about jesus.

  • 12 years ago

    by Anton

    My all time favourite song is called caroline and the story behind it is about some one suffering and another doing all that they can to be there for them. ur poem complements the exact feeling with me. I think although theres nothing u can do to fix or undo ur loved ones problems u can be there for them and present a united front with them. i think I like ur poetry so much cause I can relate to alot of what ur saying please keep writing cause I love to read them. Hope im not frekin u out with my frequent comments. cya