A place in Heaven for the Fallen

by Elynnka   May 13, 2006

The night embraced the sleepy city yet again,
The moon shines silvery upon this world of men.
He kneeled before the cross of God – praying
For his disease to go away, but he was not complaining.

His fever was up high and he had hallucinations
All the shadows in the room seemed like devilish temptations
And the air was harder to breathe, his heart was racing,
But he was heroically fighting with the sickness he was facing.

The wind was blowing cold putting out the shimmer candle light
As a mistress’s silhouette walked in his room making him fright.
“Who are you?” he said – his voice trembling with insecurity,
But the woman didn’t answer mesmerized by his untouched purity.

Suddenly the room went cold and he felt shivers down his spine
“I have come to release you from your pain and make you mine”
The mistress now replied and within a second she was standing by his bed
“Go away! Leave me alone!” was all that he could have said.

She paid no attention to his words and she got closer to his face
“Have trust in me, my dear, and let us share eternity’s grace”
And she gently kissed his neck searching cautiously for a vein
To push her fangs within it quickly so there’ll be no pain.

Before he knew what was going on his heart had stopped beating,
She turned him into her kind and prepared him for fleeting
Away from that place where sickness seemed at home –
He was now in the arms of the undead thrown…

Many days had passed since his sudden transformation
He was now unwillingly darkness’s creation.
He did not want to live forever in the gloomy night
And his mistress’s presence was not wanted in his sight.

Feeding with the blood of the humans that were once his kind
Was something outrageous that could not be assimilated by his mind,
From the start, he did not want to be part of this so called life;
This was not as the woman had planned – she was now in strife.

One night he ran away finding shelter underneath a tree
“I do not wish to be undead – this is not the real me!
God where are you? Please release me from all of this
And may that fiendish woman burn in Hell along with her mortal kiss!”

His body was weak for he didn’t feed since he was made
As he hoped that hunger will help him faster to fade
And when he felt like he was left alone, abandoned by all
Exquisite white angels surrounded him for they heard his desperate call.

Their faces bared no signs of hate; their eyes were filled with love
Amidst doves and divine rays of the purest light sent from above.
“Come, child, don’t be afraid! Father sent us to bring you in our paradise”
“But I am a fallen one…” he said with crimson tears in his eyes.

“You did not cope with the creature in which you were transformed,
You still strived to be human and you wanted your heart adorned
With the purity that you still keep buried deep inside your core
And so you are now as welcomed to our Heaven as you were before.”

He remained astonished by the angel’s words and so
He got up from the muddy ground and felt ready to go.
The angles took him in their arms and they rose in God’s empire
Where darkness never reigns and peace burns bright like fire.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Jaymi Lynn

    Your poem has the perfect ending of a beautiful nightmare. I loved it!

  • 7 years ago

    by Jaymi Lynn

    Your poem has the perfect ending of a beautiful nightmare. I loved it!

  • 11 years ago

    by ashley

    This poem reminds me of one of my friends poems.....i like it very much hope to read more

  • 11 years ago

    by Jenni Marie

    I loved this.
    The imagery you portrayed in this piece was breathtaking, it creates some very vivid pictures.
    The flow is perfect throughout the entire piece and I loved your rhyme scheme.
    While somewhat long, you held my attention throughout the entire piece...beautiful work on this.

  • 11 years ago

    by Sweet Fragility

    Very visual and descriptive. And very good rhyming. Keep it up!