Graduating Today

by Meggie33   Jun 7, 2006

saying good-bye,
some may laugh,
yet some may cry.

Graduating and leaving,
this is truly the end,
we won't be coming back,
this isn't pretend.

We get handed that paper,
we walk back to our chair,
all these years we went on,
not knowing that we cared.

We went all this time,
we went all these years,
we've been through so much,
and now we're shedding all these tears.

One last night,
with everyone we love,
we seem to forget all the fights,
and how we used to swear and shove.

The dreams,
that never came true,
the long nights,
with me, her, and you.

All the classes,
all the games,
all the hugs,
and all the names.

It's all over,
we're leaving here,
the end was so far,
but really so near.

Never again,
through these halls we shall walk,
never again,
in the lunchroom shall we talk.

Good-bye dear friends,
we're graduating today,
it's been amazing, but it's over,
what more is there to say?


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Wasted Fake Smiles

    Wow, nice poem. a bitter sweet moment. i am not looking forward to then at all. gr8 poem tho 5/5 again

  • 12 years ago

    by CuteCleaver14

    Ohhhhhh, I'm gonna miss you. I hope that we see eachother after graduation, but if not, I'll talk to you on line, and I could call you. But I like this poem. It's really good.
    ~Your good friend Kayla~

  • 12 years ago

    by FrozenTearsBleed

    Hmm, its okay. I kinda think it could use rhyming more. i like rhyme. so ya. but over all it was real nice to read.