I wish you felt the same

by No1ButMe   Aug 25, 2006

I know you want me to change
I'm sorry I wasn't good enough
I'm sorry I'm not beautiful
And I'm sorry I wasn't tough
I wanted you to accept me
But I guess you never will
I tried to die so many times
But somehow I'm here still
But I'm tired of it
Your all I had and now you're gone
You'd rather have someone else
And now alls I can do is move on
I need to get away from everything
Just break away and be free
Since you can't love
Or maybe you just can't love me
I wanted to be your everything
But I guess that will never take place
I'm so sick and tired of coming last
In this messed up love race
That's it I give up
I can take a hint
You were the only one
That my love was truly sent
But now my heart is broken
Torn apart on the floor
Don't worry I have no intention
Of living anymore
Soon I'll be dead
And out of your way
So you won't have to put up with me
Not another single day
I know what you want
It's OK if you want her
I knew after you knew the real true me
Things would never be as they were
That's OK I was dead anyways
But now crimson tears fall from my eyes
No more nights of being alone
No more nights of endless cries
Tonight will be my last
So I'm saying goodbye to you
I loved you more than you'll ever know
I just wish you felt the same way too...


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Megan

    Hey... i love this poem... i can so relate to it in soo many ways.... i hope you dont mind me writing it down and reading it to someone becuz they need to know how i feel and this poem is pretty much how i feel.... so if its ok with you, im gonna do that.... thanks... and i hope things work out for the best with you... loves

  • 11 years ago

    by Matt

    Look baby plz talk to me i dont think you realize how i feel about you