Serpent Kiss

by Cooper   Oct 23, 2006

Oh lips, sweet and gently quivering
Cease your heart pained shivering,
Lay your dreams, upon mine
And let me taste, the serpent kiss divine

Tongues lick as forked, slithering, and skewered,
and those erotically? Even fewer.
When love venom drips
on my star wishing lips.
And that lady
Oh, how she kisses me!
with a serpent kiss to free.
A hiss, of bliss, and a glance to miss
From eyes that tear in the dark
And impurity, on a serpent seeking,
Of lust she is reeking.

She bears no scaly hide,
or blackened suns that have lied.
No thorns to prick my finger,
nor crimson stains that linger
On sheets and pillows,
Underneath, fire-fly willows.

We danced the ballroom dance,
With audience of shattered glass.
In a mirror brightly lit,
By cupid strung creatures neath myriad masks.
There, was it we did meet in silks and flesh,
Or was it just a song I heard, from deep upon your breast?

Appealing that night, were poisoned notes
She whispered in ears of curious harpies.
It was a dead-man snare where She hung,
my heart, earlier kissed by a serpent tongue.
Our final pleasure, lost in dark
The no-mooned time of Nox.
Upon my urge thirsty mouth she left a mark
Scars long hidden past thief guard locks,
My lips stained with that of bliss
and delighted by that Lady's, erotic serpent kiss.


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