Prince of Destruction

by Cooper   Oct 24, 2006

I wear the crown
Of a blood bathed prince,
from veins of Hell I spill forth
Rivers of denial onto broken Egypt
where black heart Pharaohs fell.

And twas these days;
unmerciful Hate and Wrath
Sent plague upon the mesmerized
when faith bringer's child never baptized
For which to, we give fallen ones praise.

The curse in unwritten tongue,
rehearsed by witches,
with pure black lungs.
And the sky She rains her tears,
For the thirsty souls below.

Empty were the tainted sands,
for Goddess's to have it slide through their hands.
In fire they shall light,
ceremonies for thy sanctuary,
And allow chained wings to take flight.

Doth thou watch my fire,
Amongst darkness's crystals?
Bear witness, poor Eve's sacrifice,
and her garden killed by my Revenge,
entombed in the fingers of ice.

One century,
the overdose of your lies.
One millennium,
the end before your eyes,
Kill me not,
for my crown will save you from demise.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Disturbed and Under Age

    Dude, your poems are awsome, i love the way you write. theres real depth to it and a vocabulary much larger than mine. :)