by Jennifer   Oct 25, 2006

The tears keep coming down; your love just won't fade away,

I can still feel your touch, and I carry your kisses to this day,

I realize we still love each other, but I know they love us too,

I sometimes feel bad loving you, I just don't know what to do,

You don't see his face, you don't see the pain in his eyes,

He knows we still talk, he's just ignorant to our love, what a surprise,

Take a step back and realize, that this is all wrong,

This isn't right at all, our love should already be gone,

I hate that we can't be together, I hate that we can't be seen,

I so badly need to share, I so badly need to scream,

I can't take the agony of seeing you with her,

And then have you hold me, as if our breakup never were,…


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