Helping my broken heart Mend Again

by FrozenTearsBleed   Oct 30, 2006

When he left,
I saw my heart shatter to the ground,
I cried so hard on the inside,
But my body made no sound.

Where will I go,
What will I do I\'ll die,
I take the blade,
And let out the sadest cry.

He left,
I let him go Im so dumb,
The blood drips down,
My body goes numb.

I loved him,
He loved me,
How could I be so stupid,
Not to see.

But I like his best friend,
He makes me smile, happy, great,
But now Im alone,
I guess Its too late.

If I go with him,
Will he come crawling back to in despare,
I loved him,
But did he even care...

* I broke up with COREY, OMG, but i like his friend, Im stupid.*


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  • 11 years ago

    by MorbidCupcake

    Very good!
    ...No ur not stupid, we cant help how we feel about people.