A Stranger Among Us

by Twisted Heart   Jan 10, 2007

Once a man, who walked among us
Now in a box is where he lives
Down the alley and all alone
Himself, unable to forgive

Tattered clothes upon his back
Wrinkled with the face of age
Sorrow hides behind his eyes
Remembering when he fell from grace.

A humble soul, lost in this world
Beaten by the hands of time
Forgotten by the ones who guide us
To the knowledge that he's left behind.

The shattered dreams of his making
Are just reflections in his soul
Lost among the broken pieces
Of thoughts he couldn't hold.

Now hands in holey gloves are wringing
As lips turn blue, from cold's embrace
Upon the heart there is a hunger
Of life's breath, there is no trace.

His eyes are fixed inside his box
Upon his face a smile appears
A comfort lift inside is soul
As he dusts away his haunting fears.

A guiding light, has called his name
Reaching deep inside his mind
Grasping at the ragged heart
And rocky soul combined.

Here, is where they find him
Lost in the box, and unknown
The essence of a broken spirit
Struck by the harps that called him home


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  • 11 years ago

    by Leanne

    This was excellent!! So beautifully written and filled with so much meaning, I thought this was perfect, and it flowed brilliantly, you did a really good job.