One Year Ago Today

by Tainted Butterfly   Feb 6, 2007

It has been one year ago today
That God came and took you away
To a better life and a better place
Far away from this disgrace.

I know that you are still thought of
With a smile and so much love
By the many lives that you so touched
Wonder if you knew how much.

I wonder if your soul is flying high
Somewhere in that bright blue sky
Looking down on all of us
For a special reason or just because.

How many people still miss you
Our Micky, the special gal we knew
Whose smile lit up the room
Like spring flowers up in bloom.

Many things still remind us though
You cannot come back after you go
But God still gives us faith and hope
Strength and courage to help us cope.

I did not know what words to say
About your death one year ago today
Just that I miss you still my dear friend
I miss you now like I missed you then.

Like memories sewn together
Your soul is part of life forever
Memories of all your family and friends
Death cannot take for love never ends.

I hope you are happy wherever you are now
I hope these words can reach you somehow.
One year ago God came and took you away
But in our hearts you still forever stay.

***Dedicated to my friend Micky who was murdered one year ago today.


Her spirit lives on in the beautiful memories she left with us all. God Bless you, Micky


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Jenni

    The story is so tragic, and I believe that the fact that it is real gives it a stronger impact on the people who read it. wonderfully written, 5/5

  • 10 years ago

    by Ashleigh Skye

    Aw this poem was so sweet. Its so hard to lose a friend. And I can just feel how much you loved this person. The only thing I can correct on is, in the 2nd last stanza it says "foreverr" you only need one r.. I know its just a typo but I thought I'd let u know.

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