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I call myself Tainted Butterfly for simple reasons...I am a free spirit with broken wings who will never truly be able to fly. Writing is my escape from the world and truly one of my greatest loves. I only write when inspiration strikes me. Truly everything inspires me in some capacity. Words, people, life, experience. I write about many things. Some things have happened to me, somet things are written for other people, some are written out of words that need to escape my soul. If my poetry touches you, please share it. And even though I can't fly, I do hope my words fly through the world touching each person as they have touched me....

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Latest Poems By Tainted Butterfly

  • One soul
    holds my heart...

  • Like a beacon in the night
    You came into my life...

  • Fly (1)

    Broken wings
    dead dreams...

  • For the longest time my soul
    was so empty deep inside...

  • Another dawn had risen to cast its spell
    of peace among the quiet mountain...

Latest Quotes By Tainted Butterfly

  • A creative soul is a rare person for so many try to be like everyone else...

    13 years ago
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  • Everyday I am alive, I learn more about the true nature of people. Some people have so much good in them, they are an inspiration and some other people really have no idea the impact of their hurtful words.

    13 years ago
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  • People never truly realize the impact of their words on other people until it's too late.

    13 years ago
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