A Jew 'Till The End

by AGirlWorthFightingFor   Feb 25, 2007

Once when I was still in school
I heard an off color joke
that began, "In a Jew, you'll find no friend
for he'll jew you in the end."

I have to admit, knew not back then
Exactly what my classmates meant
Until I began to notice the changes
Amongst their once genuine faces

Apparently there was something bad
Being everything I knew
And some strange prejudices
About the very word surrounding "Jew"

Then solidiers came in through the doorway
Marching down the hall
My cousins hid under the bed
I crept inside the wall

A crawlspace beside the washroom
Only I could fit inside
A place for childhood mischief
The only reason I survived

They already took my parents
After my parents moved me here
Now they take my second family
Within another year

Since then I have been working
For a man who's less than that description
But he fulfills my basic needs
Though his promises are fiction

He likes having me around
I perform what no one else will do
For less without complaint
At the expense of his abuse

"You would be nowhere without me,"
He reminds me once again
Calling me "his Jew" because
"A jew is a jew 'til the end."

One day I know he will betray me
When the offer is enough
So I pray for the strength of my father
When I desire to give up

If being a Jew is my only crime
With which they can convict me
I'll go on with my daily life
Praying for those that whipped me

For it is they whom are in the wrong
And for their crimes they will burn
Though I may not see it in my life
They'll get what they deserve

For we are the Chosen people
Whatever that phrase means
I was born with a zealous pride
To conquer suffering

For I know not why I must
Renounce my faith for them
I'll stand upon the gallows
A Jew until the end


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by Maya

    I still love this poem.
    thank you some much for this
    it brings tears to my eyes

  • 10 years ago

    by Maya

    This poem was amazing!
    Im with you a jew, israeli 'till the end

    And not even the neo-nazi's can stop that

    7/5!! Just Kidding 5/5

  • 11 years ago

    by Becca

    I really love this poem. It really means a lot to me, because that's basically how my grandparents survived the Holocaust. I'll always be a Jew til the end


    --queen of pleaner