Daddy's story

by Kaila   Mar 19, 2007

Darkened in her room,
she climbs out of bed.
Awakened by a racket,
or maybe a dream inside her head.

She strolls into the living room,
and floods her lungs with the familiar scent.
Nothing but dim light,
and her Barbie blow up tent.

Curious she walks into the kitchen,
pitter patter on the floor.
For her feet are bare,
she closes the swinging door.

She finds absolutely no one,
as she hunts with her eye.
She gets a little spooked,
as she walks on by.

Now headed for her dad's room,
she's sure to find relief.
But when she opens the door,
her mouth hangs wide with disbelief.

Her daddy is gone.
But where did he go?
Did he leave her high and dry?
All these questions she did not know.

Panicked, she scampered,
quickly to the door.
Weeping as she banged her legs,
down hard across the floor.

A radiant light,
shown brightly through.
She lifted her self up quickly to see,
who was there, was it someone she knew?

Her Aunt sprinted in,
frantically picking her up.
They ran to the car,
she screamed "hurry up".

In the little girl got,
overwhelmed she lied down.
And when she woke up,
she flipped the blankets upside down.

She sprung off the bed,
and slid her feet across the floor.
She came to a sudden shock,
when she opened the door.

In there her family sobbing.
Kaila didn't know what to do.
So she walked to her mommy,
and asked "what's the matter with you?"

Her mom sobbed harder,
at her daughter's question.
She perked up quite quickly,
and made a happy expression.

"Kaila darling,
there's something you should know."
She looked around for an explanation,
and her questions seemed to grow.

"Where's daddy?"
"Where's he at?"
She sobbed and couldn't find,
an explanation for that.

daddy has gone away."
Where did he go?"
Little Kaila would say.

"He's up in Heaven."
She knew it was a better place
Now Kaila sits here,
with her problems left to face.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by TracyM

    I could really feel the sadness in the poem when reading it. Though it was beatiuflly written, and flowed really well. A pleasure to read. Keep writing.

  • 10 years ago

    by Christina

    Awwwz this was a very sad poem!!
    i hope this is not a life time experience for you cuz i bet that would be hard.

    but if it is im here to talk ne time as you had told me! =D

    <3 i love you silly

  • 11 years ago

    by Serina the Squid

    Sad, a good poem. 5/5 i say.

  • 11 years ago

    by TwiztidJuggalette

    I really like this...It was deep and really sad...But the vocab was just right...


  • 11 years ago

    by TwiztidJuggalette

    I really like this...It was deep and really sad...But the vocab was just right...