I Hate being Me...

by No1ButMe   Mar 19, 2007

A life full of hate

Not wanting to be me

If only life could be better

If only it could be

I wasn't meant for happiness

Not even a little bit

So I sit here thinking

I don't deserve shit

Don't tell me different

I won't believe you

If only you could see

If only you knew

How I hate it so much

My life full of strife

My tainted skin

Where I cut with a knife

Don't tell me I'm pretty

Don't tell me I'm sane

I don't deserve a compliment

I don't even deserve my name

I deserve to cry

And I deserve to hate myself

I try to act like It's all OK

That I don't need the help

I smile and I laugh

Put on a good show

But I regret all the things

That you don't know

I deserve to be alone

And rot in my pain

I don't deserve to be happy

I deserve to be insane

I hate being like this

But I think it's true

At least know this

I really do love you

I hate living this life

If only you could see

I hate being this way

But even more I hate being me!


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Hey, you dont deserve that hunni, im here if you want to talk, this poem is excellent keep writing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • 10 years ago

    by deedee

    That was how i falt at one point in my life but i moved on.