Love's a motive

by GoRgEoUs TONI   Apr 11, 2007

He was her first real crush, and first real dude
he had style finesse and the right attitude
he was popular she was popular, they both had it good
cute couple high school, dreams but hidden bull
in a sense he was selfish, pertaining to his sports
but the image of her he could not abort
he had let go of something that had sense and pride
she was sophisticated, and had hips and thighs
she was gorgeous and smart like no othah
he was a smart athletic 6'3 fine brothah
he broke it off with her, at first she was cool
until she was being ask by half the whole school
his friends telling her he was going through some things
her friends telling him he confused her by means
he See's her at school she smiles with her friends
she See's him he smiles but that want is within
he tells her he still have feelings
she regrets the relationship cuz the friendship was stealing
they say you never know what u got till its gone
played she shows her feelings and they appear strong
he knows what he wants but there are whispers in his ears
he wants to talk to her but his heart is having fear
well, he lost it all a girl of his wish
the motive of his love was her silly PUSH AWAY KISS!


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Black Princess

    Interesting, confusing you kind of lost me... but the start was good :) i would say 4/5, its good work but not quite excellent.

  • 11 years ago

    by Mezmeryz

    I liked this poem, it was quite confusing but, i liked the words you used and most sentences were really well put together, gd work hun! i dont unerstnad the low rating, but from me its 5/5!
    nuff luv x