I know you want to be here, but heavens much to far.

by dAnCe4aDrEaM   Aug 18, 2007

Nursery rhymes
and coloring books.
singing songs
and naps we took.
riding to kindergarten
in your mommy's car
having fun together
even though it wasn't very far
so we'd sit in our seats
and sing all together
is the one i remember
your mommy treated me
just like she did you
she even let me try my first
meatballs with my spaghetti (ew)
then there is that one time
you dressed as little bo peep
it was for Halloween
your costume was yellow and pink.
well kindergarten was almost over
and i couldn't wait for next year
but then your daddy made you move
to a place thats far from here
we talked to eachother on the phone
but sadly not everyday
maybe only once or twice
but i still missed you either way
well we lost touch for awhile
and I'd think about you now and then
and I'd wonder when you'd come
so you could see me again
mommy got a phone call
i was in the 4th grade
jenny told her there was an accident
and you were the one who paid
the nurses did all they could
but it just didn't seem to work
it was time for you to move on
and in my heart, it hurt
i had lost my best friend
and all i could do is cry
I know Jesus has a plan for you,
but why'd you have to die?
whenever i see lilacs
i remember your pretty face
and how you'd always smile
never a frown, not even a trace.
Erin, you are so amazing
i love you with all my heart
you ask why i say you're amazing?
well, don't even make me start.
i look back and remember
the good times and the bad
like when i used to tease you
and it'd make you really mad
i wish i could travel in time
and take my actions back
like that time i held your purse real high
while your parents finished to pack.
i left you with that memory
of when i made you cry
I'm sorry, I really am
forgive me? at least try?
if you don't i understand
i deserve it if you can't
i made you feel so low
like a little sidewalk ant.
i wish you could come back to me
i really want you here
but Jesus is taking care of you
and he really loves you dear.
Erin just remember
that someone thinks of you
I think about you all the time
in all I say and do.
And I know up in heaven,
that you watch me everyday
And keep me safe in all i do
in my sleep, my work, and play.
I love you Erin, with all my heart
you're my shining star.
I know you want to be here,
but heaven's much to far.

this is a true story...and its about my best friend Erin...everything in here is true. yes, i teased her and i hate to think that i even did that. i can't believe i was so rude. theres a whole lot more to the story, so if you want to know...just ask, and ill tell you.

thanks for reading!


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  • 6 years ago

    by DirgeVenustas

    This was amazing. going on my favorites. this would translate very well to slam poetry. great job

  • 10 years ago

    by Sora Lynn

    i absolutely loved this poem!
    it was amazingg!!!
    the flow was fantastic and you expressed yerself so well. there were sad parts, funny ones too. i loved that.
    im sry to hear about yer friend but kno she's watching over you. i can relate to your loss.
    keep up the nice work!!

  • 10 years ago

    by jane

    Soooo sad....but i like it

  • 10 years ago

    by Cara

    Aww i realli luv it. lil kids tease each other all the time, dont beat urself up. its a sad story, but u told it well.

  • 10 years ago

    by kasia nicole

    Woow this is a realy good poem soo good i had to read it twice it even brought tears to my eyes. you are e very good writer and i know how you feel ive been there before with my bestfriend to. i hope it all works out in the end take care. kasia 5/5