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Until this darkness disappears, I will write your name in the sky.

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  • Age : 30
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : USA, Illinois
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Latest Poems By Sora

  • Scream for me as I would for you
    Give me light in this moment of darkness...

  • When you come into contact with someone,
    who steals your heart, breaks it, but you know...

  • Despair is in my soul
    But I don't think it's permanent...

  • "Sadness scatters all around
    Into the imagination I paint with heart and soul...

  • The tears and the pain are overwhelming
    I love you with every broken piece of me...

Latest Quotes By Sora

  • "Surely, when everything goes wrong
    We notice that a person's existence is important
    The future I'd dreamed
    And the letter my vision is too blurred to write
    Only the darkness is kind and painful
    So, I close my eyes"

    8 years ago
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  • Longing for the past
    we grow apart
    I knew it would happen,
    so why does it hurt?
    How much does the melody
    that lingers in my ears echo in my heart?

    8 years ago
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  • All the words from the beginning to the end were said to you,
    so that you won't let go of these arms
    The same dream that stood by our side,
    washed us both away

    9 years ago
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