Capricorn (A Tribute to the "Nice Girl")

by AGirlWorthFightingFor   Sep 8, 2007

Baa baa black sheep
Try and stop me
The tempermental goat cares not
for your plans
He will serve his own needs
Of lust and greed and jealousy

When you see a guy who looks like
he could be the one
Don't approach him
Don't talk to him
Don't play those silly games
to get his attention
If he's man enough, he'll talk to you
But chances are
He's got his own agenda
and so do you

If you have to ask
where all the "nice girls" are
You should try being one
Because more than likely
These so-called "nice girls"
aren't so
Don't disturb the tempermental goat
while he's feeding on the souls
of all the pretty girls

He doesn't care about you
Baa baa bad sheep
And you've only got yourself to blame


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