Secrets and Lies

by PoeticJustice   Sep 29, 2007

Secrets and lies
Inevitably lead to demise
And without a doubt, lead to more, and many more, and plenty more
Secrets and Lies
Bitter-Sweet taste on you tongue
You struggle to run, your body is numb
Cant look in the mirror, you dont know what-youve-become
Secrets and Lies
Is there a difference you know, from whats kept and whats told
And although you know, that you reap what you sow
Your mind is blinded, confounded, still telling lies and you just-cant-rewind-it
You dont know where it started, so many Secrets that your numb and cold hearted
Your like the new age con artist
Secrets and Lies
Corruption and pain, your going insane
Its no longer-a game-, your yelling and screaming,
Hoping that it all goes away
Looking for someone to blame,
And you feel so ashamed
What started as a small cover up-is now
A soul burning in flames
Secrets and Lies
Will be your demise
So watch what your say, and the games that you play
Think and the speak
Because only the weak, succumb to telling Secrets and Lies
Secrets and Lies.


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