Dry ice

by Drew Gold   Nov 14, 2007

Often a night
dark and tense
enough to hear this
breathe with me.

alone or otherwise,

with a sigh my tv
creaks, to remind
nothing is as true
as being alone-- or

the conversation
where to get this
drug or that drug
will suddenly
stop . . .

muted tv, the walls
seem to crack
with pressure, like
smoking ice.
beating hearts beneath.

she pulls a cigarette
from her lips, trailing
from her limbs, fluid.
her wrist bent by the ear.
she smiles, i blink
in the deadwhite smoke.

light my lighter. hear
the furnace kick on
deeply in blue walls.

dark and tense and jungly
a house breathing with me:
smoke, flames, paint,
drywall that curves around
chemical hearts,

that fiery furnace
commingled to a

when i can't sleep
thinking of you
inside these walls . . .
it reminds me there is
even in these
even in death.



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  • 10 years ago

    by Lenny

    Drugs. A drug. A smoke. A light. A breath. I see, the affect upon you. I want you tostop but at the same time I want toknow. I don't like the 'amen' at the end. Sort of brought the whole thing back down for me. I'd cull it....