Hours of fish

by Drew Gold   Dec 24, 2007

(messing around with multiple language translations and back i came up with this)

the voice of an open God is conclusion
the voice of the open God is processed highly

patience is a guide of reference with an internal screw.
English is only whistled in the lake of mountains one trains

it disturbs, in order to be so hot in this Aqua.
inoperative women are lakes that prevent sky

caught in the various grass of childbirth,
I hiss warm colored music on wet red lawns.

the tube of innovation is of duels in memory
They are fast with my love.

money activates in the base when we eliminate opened veins of metal.
hot silence situates this animal.

peace rolling over silver land with a corpse on the wind
says to rectify to me when one finishes another.

durations do not blow up from the white reason of infinite nothing, which I learn.
and stone to be sharpened likes a sword which will carry sun inward.

a bath of the breathing is fresh music in the drilling rig
in order to advance with false ache an evil returns them black with wind; presses more.

sky is a specter in this game.
we are one voice opening, of that the characters reflect in the fog

the difficulty is to her a pipe for creation
that crowns the hour of the fish.


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