One Star

by PoeticJustice   Jan 12, 2008

In the chase for this star there are no easy ways up. The road you see is the road you take, and there is only One Star to desire, One Star to ponder on, One Star to dream of.
Here, in this life, we are all chasing after that One Star. You dont believe me, just look up at the sky at night and ask yourself what do you see?
The answer is simple but startling: One Star, one dream, one desire, we are all striving for that one chance, that one opportunity. We all look up and silently dream the same dreams and think the same thoughts. And somehow we fail to realize that we all want the same thing in life, and opportunity, a chance, a shoot at what we truly desire.
Because that is what that One Star in the sky truly signifies, opportunity. A chance to accomplish every goal that we have ever set, a canvas on which to paint every desire in our imagination, a mind to turn every dream ever dreamt into reality.
But what we fail to see is that no matter what race, gender, background, culture, past, and/or current life we poses, that One Star is what we all desire.
Why? Because we all need a star, we all need a dream, no matter how big or small. And that is what that single star is. Because the power held by that One Star in the sky is not just opportunity, its happiness. And that is why there is only One Star up there and why it is the One Star we all desire.



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