Counting Days

by AhmadAfaneh   Jan 19, 2008

Counting four days after three
And Salam still faraway form me
All I am doing is craving our story
In the backyard on that old oak tree

She's telling me she needs a break
To think ... She's telling me to wait
I Will... With no matter decision she'll take
She will always be my only soul mate

I was blinded but now I can see
For that time she was away from me
Yes, she made me see
What does she really mean to me

I know through the distance, somehow, she can hear
Through silence... the words my heart utters
That it couldn't, carrying them any more, to bear
The words of loving her that it mutters

Everyday I dream of her to wake
My thoughts of her never end
I think of her with every breath I take
And her love is what I'll always fend

She's the sun of my days
The stars of my nights
She's my only craze
She's my stomach's butterflies

She's everything I ever wanted
She's everything to me
An angel sent to save my soul
An angel sent to set me free

Pictures just keep roaming around me
Of the shadows of her face
Of the charm of her smiles
Of loving her and it's my grace

Her voice keeps ringing in my mind
With the sweetest rhyme
She's a love I am holding onto
Till the end of time

I sleep to have that old dream
Of her and me
Her head on my chest hearing my heart beat
And me singing her to sleep

I sleep to be scared of tomorrow
Scared of what she'll say
Will she stay by my side ... erasing my sorrow
Or will she simply fade away

But no matter what will the days bring
I'll be standing just right here
Sitting holding my phone
Waiting for her call... year after year

I'll be dying just to
Hear her say the unspeakable... through


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  • 10 years ago

    by missy

    Outstanding poem, i can relate in many ways, the love of my life lives far away...
    it`s a pain to wait at the other end of the world....